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MultiTek Global is a world-class, global IT services company that provides Data Centre Services, Professional IT services & Infrastructure Management.

Our mission is to be our clients’ partner of choice: providing competitive, timely and best-in-class IT services, worldwide.

IT Relocation

IT Relocation

For 15 years, MultiTek Global has been the choice or large and small companies for clients needing to migrate/move or consolidate their IT assets

Global Deployment

Global Deployment

As clients expand and consolidate their operations worldwide, they can rely on MultiTek Global to export, ship, import, acquire and / or deploy.

Data Destruction & Erasure

Data Destruction & Erasure

At MultiTek Global, our expert technicians will provide you with all the onsite/offsite data erasure and destruction services your business

Smart Hands

Smart Hands

Smart Hands allows customers to manage / outsource their IT business operations. Extend the reach of your operational staff by

IT Consultancy & Project Management

IT Consultancy & Project Management

As technology rapidly changes, so does your business. Which is why you need a trusted Global advisor to support you every step of the way with all


Working with hundreds of partners (colos, OEMs & Fortune 500 companies)  around the world.

Completed nearly 8,000 projects projects worldwide


IT Relocation displays an uncommon arrangement of issues for organizations. There are various mechanisms that should consider so as to stay away from expensive slip-ups. When we have a plan for Data Center relocation. From forestalling the introduction of significant data to guaranteeing basic structure congruity and uptime. However, in spite of its complexities. So Data Center Movers is an unavoidable test that both little and huge organizations face. And understanding the correct methodology heretofore can have a major effect for making progress and long-haul adaptability.

For what reason is IT relocation challenging?

Organizations are always contending to convey the best administration or item to their clients. So most organizations place extraordinary significance on uptime and security for their purchasers. When picking an association to collaborate with a great deal of data and information. Organizations should be brilliant that is dealt with during Data Center relocation. IT migrations are typically fast on-request activities. And figuring out how to qualify the correct association to help a business domain can be troublesome. If an organization doesn’t have a favored association to work with. So It might battle to choose which ones to trust.

What do organizations want to accomplish from IT relocations?

Organizations that want Data Center Movers, need a chance to overhaul innovation and lower costs. Progressions in virtualization and distributed computing have empowered associations to cut back their physical equipment and subsequently. Organizations are deciding on a consolidated IT framework that is quicker and simpler to scale. Data Center relocation goes connected at the hip with another significant driver for IT relocation’s cost reserve funds. Organizations today needn’t bother with 100 racks of capacity when they can get a similar degree of help from 10 racks. This means that diminished spending as far as space, vitality, and upkeep for their condition.

What is a portion of the key components of a successful IT Relocation?

One of the most significant components of an effective Data Center relocation undertaking. But it is a thorough venture plan, particularly during the underlying phases of distinguishing proof and evaluation. A strong venture plan ought to incorporate into profundity procedures and approaches with respect to hardware, course of events, and spending plan. The more detail you have on the IT resources you intend to move. Fewer errors you will experience later so when it comes time to arrange your gadgets. In like manner, setting up affirmed dates and areas will avert strategic issues because of an absence of arranging.

What are a few issues that can happen during the Data Center relocation project?

The most widely recognized and negative issues that can happen during Data Center Movers are personal time and loss of generation. In 2016, personal time cost undertakings a normal of nearly $700,000 an hour. But an astounding $26 billion for the year. That is a fantastic measure of income that can be lost if organizations are not working or working true to form. Also, organizations have a great deal to think about with regards to the privacy of information. Without the suitable procedures set up, information that is touchy and profitable to both entrepreneurs and their clients is in danger of being uncovered.

What do organizations should be set up with before IT Relocation?

Before pushing the begin catch on a Data Center relocation project, it’s significant that organizations are exhaustive with their pre-arranging. Business pioneers should start by posing the correct inquiries: Why do you think you want Data Center Movers? What is the impetus behind changing your condition? What would you like to pick up from your new area? But these urgent inquiries shape individual variables. So Such business desires positions organizations for an increasingly effective involvement with Data Center relocation.

IT Asset disposition

IT Asset disposition and re-advertising obsolete IT equipment aren’t as straightforward as connecting the new innovation and putting the old equipment on Craigslist. There are numerous contemplations, for example, private gadget information, ecological perils, and coordination’s that all require a well-arranged methodology. Luckily, an extensive, well-ordered procedure exists to free your business of undesirable IT resources. It’s called IT Asset Disposition (ITAD).

ITAD services Procedure

An online glossary cooked towards the innovation business characterizes ITAD services as the “transfer of out of date or undesirable gear in a safe and environmentally capable way.” Other key elements of IT Asset Disposal suppliers incorporate limiting costs, amplifying returns on remarketed innovation and helping keep delicate information sheltered and secure.

From start to finish, the most complete IT Asset disposition procedures incorporate the accompanying, completely auditable and identifiable advances:

  • Deinstallation of ITAD services
  • Data Destruction Services and Degaussing Services
  • Coordination
  • Resource restoration
  • Resource remarketing
  • Lease return the executives
  • Data Wiping Services and Degaussing Services
  • Revealing and certification

We are going to take a gander at each in more detail.

Deinstallation of ITAD services

When your new ITAD services arrive, the old ones should be taken disconnected and decoupled from the corporate framework. This is an included action with a specialized, well-ordered procedure. Because, Every datum bearing gadget must be totally uninstalled, deprived of its system access and fastidiously represented.

Data Destruction Services and Degaussing Services

This is presumably the most vital advance in the IT Asset disposition. Each and every information-bearing gadget — from PCs and tablets to printers and fax machines—must have its Data Wiping Services.


Getting your IT resources from Point A to Point B is a major piece of the ITAD services. You should take care to utilize a supplier that has been completely considered.

Resource remarketing

When your unneeded resources have been information cleaned and transported. It is a great opportunity to investigate the zones where you can remarket your utilized gadgets.

Lease return the executives

This period of the IT Asset disposition focus at associations that rent a few or all their IT assets. Working with a solitary supplier that can deal with both acquisition of IT Asset disposition. And ITAD services will streamline the lease returns process.

Data Wiping Services and Degaussing Services

Data Wiping Services reserve for resale and transport. When the appropriate resources get uninstall. Hence, The staying undesirable IT Asset disposition should take care of. This is the place great ITAD services truly sparkle — in the safe and naturally Data Wiping Services and Degaussing Services of those benefits. E-waste is a worldwide issue that keeps on intensifying. So, one of the essential objectives of efficient ITAD services is to request and implement the best possible treatment of e-waste.

Revealing and certification

The past angles make up the main part of the IT Asset disposition procedure. However, it’s inaudibility and detailing that association to gain significant serenity the activity has been practiced effectively. ITAD services should give unquestionable certificates and reports that each period of the IT Asset Disposal procedure has been finished.

If you are keen on executing ITAD services in your organization, so get in touch with one of our IT Asset Disposition Specialists today.

Remote Hands Services

Remote hands Services is the general name for an administration presented by colocation suppliers like Smart Hands Services, that enables clients to appoint IT the executives and upkeep errands inside a colocation office to specialists contracted by the supplier. This enables the colocation client to concentrate on inward undertakings inside their very own association but keeps them from sending their very own specialized staff to a colocation office.

Importance of Remote Hands Services

Frequently, remote hands Services are accessible nonstop and all year, so, if there should arise an occurrence of server farm crises or issues that happen outside of ordinary business hours.

In spite of the fact that it differs by colocation supplier, remote hands Services by and large covers a wide scope of undertakings, including:

  • Moving or verifying system links
  • System router and switch setup
  • Server revives and reboots
  • Hardware and software substitution or establishment
  • Power cycling
  • Stock administration and marking
  • Dealing with delivery and accepting solicitations
  • Investigating hardware execution


The estimating of a remote hands service shifts by colocation supplier. Because some colocation organizations bill in 30-minute additions, some enable clients to pay for a specific measure of remote hand hours out of each year or month, and others incorporate the charge of the Smart Hands Services in a month to month colocation bill. Remote hands services are additionally called Smart Hands Services by some colocation suppliers. However, others order the two as various administration levels. Colocation suppliers including Digital Realty, Equinix and 365 Data Centers presently offer remote hands services.

What to know about choosing a colocation supplier?

Choosing a colocation supplier is about more than discovering one with a low cost. The nature of administration and conditions explained in a Smart Hands Services level understanding, or SLA will be significant – particularly if something turns out badly. This handbook investigates the guarantees colocation server farm suppliers make with respect to the nature of administration. So, how those guarantees are estimated and observed. Checking an administration level understanding, obviously, is simpler in the event that you’ve appropriately settled the SLA in any case. So, what makes a decent SLA? How would you insightfully get ready for a progressing association with a colo supplier? What’s more, what are the most significant inquiries to pose before concluding a colo SLA? This guide takes a gander at the components of a colocation SLA so the last outcome will be an understanding that works for you – and not only for the colocation supplier.

How frequently do you need to drive to your Data Center relocation?

There is a lot of variables that impact how frequently you need to go to the Data Center relocation. Size is the essential factor, however, as it advises different variables that require your physical nearness.

If you are a little association and will have a couple of racks of machines that will last you for a half year, you won’t need to go to the server farm a lot after the underlying arrangement time frame. When you hit a specific size, however, you begin to get into standard disappointment/redesign cycles. Obviously, you can plan your application and foundation to deal with machine misfortune yet for littler organizations, I’ve observed that regardless you must be really receptive to machine/part disappointments.

Importer of Record services

Going about as an Importer of Record services, Mouse and Bear Solutions empowers your business to import your IT gear on a worldwide scale, so meeting all worldwide exchange and import consistence necessities.

Firstly the conveyance of IT gear is exceptionally managed and can include multifaceted procedures, which is the reason you need authority support. With the information and aptitude increased through numerous years’ understanding, because Mouse and Bear group can explore your IT equipment through the arrangements of the import and fare records and traditions techniques, including impermanent imports and fares.

What is an Importer of Record service?

Importer of Record Services is a term utilizes in traditions law. At the point when a store network includes the Global Importer of Record Services over worldwide outskirts, most governments require your organization to have a built-up business or another legitimate element in the nation to assume liability for directing the import and fare exchanges.

The Importer of Record service is frequently the proprietor or buyer of imported products. However, it can likewise be an appropriately approve operator or lawful element in the goal nation if the end-client wouldn’t like to associate with getting it there.

Consistency Concerns for the Global Importer of Record Services

The Importer of Record service ought to guarantee consistency with every single vital guideline and rules through consistence apparatuses, so a self-inspecting program, preparing of staff, acknowledgment from official level administration, correspondence, and the Importer Self-Assessment Program. Albeit deliberate consistency measures favore by CBP, a Global Importer of Record Services might be liable to authorized consistence.

Documentation Responsibilities

Documentation Responsibilities regarding the Importer of Record service incorporate supporting documentation of every underlying evaluation for an import. Moreover, the Importer of Record service requires to select a substantial Power of Attorney (POA). At the point when a Global Importer of Record Services isn’t situated nearby at the hour of import, the POA has the expert to follow up in the interest of the Importer of Record service for the responsibility of the import. In any case, the POA probably executes and keeps up sensible consideration, as the plot from the CBP at the hour of the import.

Stay away from import difficulties and cost

Hence, If your organization doesn’t have a physical nearness in the nation of import. But this can cause numerous undesirable difficulties and costs. So, an Importer of Record service. For example. Therefore, that provided by Mouse and Bear can follow up for your organization’s benefit as the authoritatively perceived legitimate element.

Moreover, an Importer of Record service has responsibilities regarding:

  • Guaranteeing import consistency with the import guidelines in that nation
  • Installment of the significant expenses, obligations and different charges for the imported merchandise
  • Recording the right documentation allows and permitting

Appointing the Global Importer of Record Services

As a rule, the Importer of Record service is the individual or substance who really has responsibility for imported merchandise at the hour of import. This idea turns out to be marginally befuddling when considering providers, wholesalers, and end-clients. At the hour of import of as of now obtained merchandise, but the average reasoning would infer the proprietor of the item (the end-client) has the commitment to pay any related obligations. Be that as it may, naming a given substance as the Importer of Record service destroys this perplexity. The substance turns into the transitory proprietor of the merchandise until the products have been acknowledged by the circulation center.