Need to transport your IT assets abroad?

MultiTek Global can take care of all your export & import requirements. Just tell us when and where.

Transporting specialise IT equipment overseas can be a hassle if you’re not familiar with the rules, regulations, and proper licenses. Our expert personnel have extensive experience in managing international IT shipments and deployments. By virtue of being a global company, MultiTek Global is able to leverage best­in class resources from all over the world to ensure your shipment gets to its destination and is installed on time. Safely and securely… and without hassle.

  • Export license processing: certain countries require export licenses. Don’t get your IT equipment stuck in customs!
  • International Shipping: working with a network of international freight forwarders, your shipment can reach even the most remote places.
  • Commercial invoice & HS Code preparation: HS codes are modified from the base code for each country. Make sure that you have all the right details for smooth inbound transition.
  • Customs declarations & license applications: Even seemingly innocuous equipment may require an import licence in certain countries.
  • Customs liaison: liaising with the right government department can mean immediate processing or months in the queue.
  • Valuation Insurance: ensure that your valuable assets have the correctly insurance premium.
  • Duties and Taxes Payment: Have you calculated the VAT / GST correctly? Are there any other taxes that if unpaid will leave your shipment in limbo?
  • Local and remote pickups: With hands and feet everywhere MultiTek Global can pickup your equipment for shipping. Anywhere in the world.

“MultiTek Global’s goal is to become the world’s largest IT solutions provider, and they’re well on their way. We think their story will be meaningful as well as extremely educational to our viewers.”


– Gordon Freeman, Executive show producer