Relocating your data should be easy

Our highly trained & trusted data center technicians utilize our global resources to ensure your shipment safely gets to its destination on time.

When relocating your data center, you will face many critical decisions. MultiTek Global provides the experts you need to design, execute, and provide auditable reporting on a solid process for relocation that is unique to your company’s individual needs. Whether the move is local or transcontinental, each relocation faces a unique set of challenges. Only through proper planning from end to end can these challenges be met.

MultiTek Global was recently featured on the TV Show as the “World’s Greatest Data Center Relocation company.


The “World’s Greatest!…” is nationally broadcast TV in the US, dedicated to highlighting the world’s greatest companies, products, places and people.


“We are honored our data center experts have been be recognized by the ‘World’s Greatest!…’ program,” said Kevin Schultz, MultiTek Global’s president and founder. “The television report features our data center experts, who have done many complex data center projects. It shows them partnering with the client to develop a plan that meets business requirements and reduces stress on the data center leadership and staff.”

“MultiTek Global’s goal is to become the world’s largest IT solutions provider, and they’re well on their way. We think their story will be meaningful as well as extremely educational to our viewers.”


– Gordon Freeman, Executive show producer


  • MultiTek Global was built by a group of data centre experts with specialist experience in managing data centres for the U.S. defense industry.
  • Proven project management discipline is inserted into every project delivered. Most of our project managers and technical consultants have 20+ years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies, U.S. military data centres or IT OEMs.
  • Through our experience and leveraged partnerships with the OEMs, we can work with any OEM equipment to ensure that all recertification requirements are met.
  • Proven asset protection methodologies and risk mitigation measures in place for each and every project.
  • MultiTek Global has access to specialist tools to that speed up the data transition process during a relocation.
  • We can supply specialized transportation and vehicles both throughout the U.S. and the world for different equipment and situations.
  • We offer a variety of specialized valuation and underwriting techniques throughout our extensive coverage models.
  • During a relocation project, our trained managers provide a communication plan that keep users, IT staff and organizational leaders informed of their in­transit assets.